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Relationship Advice: Coming Out of Your Comfort Zone

Planning to get married can bring up new perspectives in your life. All of a sudden you start thinking of yourself as a prospective wife/ husband with all the attendant issues that go with the role. Thoughts of children and becoming a parent flit through your mind- surely you aren't ready for that yet! After all, you only just decided to get married!
But then you start to look at babies in buggies being wheeled down the road and you realise that you are indeed entering a new chapter in your life and it all seems to be happening so quickly!
You now start to do things as a couple mixing more with other couples at the same stage of life as you and conversation suddenly does seem to focus on women being pregnant; men bottle feeding and of course the school run. You sit back and sometimes feel that you are an observer in this conversation but in no time at all you too will be caught up with family life.
Setting up your first home together, caring for each other and the many other responsibilities that come with marriage is a magical time but adjustments will be necessary as you settle into being a couple. You may have relied on your Mum to do your washing and leave it neatly pressed in your room now this task becomes your responsibility to share with your partner. When you come home from work tired and miserable there will not necessarily be a meal ready for you on the table.
You may historically have seen each other at your best you now need to be prepared to see another side of your partner especially when they are tired, under pressure or stressed.
  • Getting things out of perspective is quite normal as you are now moving away from your single life to that of a couple.
  • Take it one step at a time. Expect changes to happen to you and deal with them one at a time. Don't rush!
  • Hold your horses! Slow down and enjoy this new chapter before thinking about the next and the next and the next!
  • Keep on seeing your single friends and do not isolate yourself but be aware that a resolutely independent lifestyle doesn't help the bonding process that is necessary to establish the strong foundations necessary for a good marriage
Remember that if you don't spend time together, you don't have a relationship.
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Foot Care for Diabetics - The Frightening Statistics

Each week in England there are around 120 amputations in people with diabetes. The majority of diabetes-related amputations are caused by a "foot attack" - a foot ulcer or infection failing to heal. When people with a foot attack get rapid access for treatment by a specialist multi-disciplinary team this has been shown to promote faster healing and fewer amputations, saving money and lives. Amputation is not only devastating in its impact on the person with diabetes and their family, leading to loss of independence and livelihood, It is also expensive for the NHS.
Over £119 million is spent each year in England on diabetes-related amputations. Currently the numbers of amputations are rising from 5,700 in 2009/10 to over 6,000 in 2010/11. It is projected that there will be over 7,000 amputations in people with diabetes in England by 2014/15 if urgent action is not taken to reduce these¹. Only 50 per cent of people with diabetes who have an amputation survive for two years. The relative likelihood of death within five years following amputation is greater than for colon, prostate and breast cancer. The most shocking fact of all, however, is that most of these amputations are preventable. In areas where foot care for diabetics is in place there are fifty percent less amputations. Foot care for diabetics changes on a daily basis and diabetics have to be able to have immediate access to foot care clinics.
This is why Diabetes UK, the Society for Chiropodists and Podiatrists and NHS Diabetes are promoting the commissioning of an integrated foot care pathway through the Putting Feet First campaign. The pathway would ensure that in the event of a "foot attack", those people with diabetes who are at increased risk of foot problems get identified and then fast-tracked to the specialist team that can expertly assess and treat them.
Last year a group of diabetes specialists met to pool their expertise and concluded rapid access to specialist assessment and treatment for all those with a foot problem would make all the difference in achieving the goal of reducing amputations by 50% over the next five years.
Improving diabetes foot care and reducing amputations saves lives and saves money. It also impacts considerably on health outcomes:
• preventing people from dying prematurely
• enhancing quality of life for people with a long-term condition
• helping people recover from episodes of ill health or injury
• ensuring a positive experience of care
• protecting people from avoidable harm.
A root cause analysis of every amputation across 13 London hospitals was conducted in April and May 2012 and examined 27 patient data sets. The results suggested a lack of integration of the pathway across primary and secondary care - only 54% of those having a diabetologist with expertise in lower limb complications
• a surgeon with expertise in managing diabetic foot problems
• a diabetes specialist nurse
• a specialist podiatrist
• a tissue viability nurse.
There had been no improvement from the previous year.
Recommended Daily Foot care for Diabetics
Check their feet every day
Be aware of loss of sensation.
Look for changes in the shape of their foot
Get your toenails cut properly and safely
Wear shoes that are comfortable and a good fit, shoes should not rub.
Keep an eye on your blood sugar
At least once a year have your feet professionally checked
Do not try and get rid of corns yourself the plasters that remove corns are not good for diabetics and never use a knife with a blade to remove corns.
These shocking Facts illustrate that diabetics have to be aware of basic foot care. This applies not just to type 1 diabetics who are at risk of amputations because in the long term injected insulin lodges in the extremities, ie the toes.
Even something as simple as hard skin can lead to an infection because if it is not removed the skin can crack and lead to an infection. What makes these foot care figures so appalling is the fact that it has to be cheaper for the local authorities to provide foot care for diabetics, than the surgical costs of an amputation.
For more information about diabetic complications see our other articles.
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Terranigma For Super Nintendo (SNES)

By the summer of 1995 a game named Earthbound had sailed its way into the hearts of many Americans. However, Earthbound never arrived in Britain or any other Country across the pond. Instead a game called Terranigma made a gentle splash to Europe, with most missing the opportunity to buy this classic gem. The mid 90's had numerous titles that have subsequently been missed by avid gamers. Although numerous treasures amongst these losses, Terrinigma has been sought after by all in the Super Nintendo community.
But why? First and foremost, like all great RPG's of this era, Terranigma was made by one half of the formidable gaming machine now known as SquareEnix. The importance of which is shown within the first few minutes of gameplay. You'll realise that not only will this game be complex (and refined to perfection), but the storyline is basic and yet resoundingly complex at the same time.
To explain the gameplay is difficult, unless you experience it first hand, which I've often felt is a positive in its intricacies. It has the standard RPG 'search and find' layout alongside a more involved storyline with decisions affecting outcomes and a fighting system reminiscent of Secret of Mana but with all the accuracies of Zelda. Wikipedias description is just as complex: 'action-based real-time battle system that allows the player to perform different techniques depending on whether the protagonist is running, jumping, attacking, or using a combination of these three actions.' Hence, unless you experience it, its hard to explain.
I'd like to go into the plot more-so and yet again a pleasant problem occurs. To explain the plot of Terranigma is to reveal the twists within the plot. So I'll keep it basic. You begin with a main protagonist who inadvertently opens pandoras box (or at least this is what I refer to it as), which leads to numerous revelations, misconceptions and adventures. It is a true classic in terms of gameplay, and even better yet... its a trilogy. Well... it's kind of a trilogy in the loosest terms.
Terranigma is preceded by two games with contrasting styles and gameplay, but overall fit accurately into the world described, these games are 'Soul Blazer' and 'Illusion of Gaia (Time in Europe).'
Terranigma to most is a special, complex, rarebreed of game that is often neglected. This is mostly due to the small numbers that are in circulation (and often command obscene prices). However, the mechanics, artwork and gameplay transcend what gameplay was during 1995, on Super Nintendo. Without this brilliant game in your collection, you will always be one gem short of perfection.
Super Nintendo Reproductions are a new niche to retro game collectors, they have learned technological methods to modified unwanted games into new games with translations of games never released in the united states. This guide to readers on which games are available, price ranges, and how to avoid being scammed by resellers. SNES reproductions.
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Dear Diary: Chapter One - A Short Story

The time has finally come to make my lifelong dream happen; I am at long last all set to write the great American novel. After a healthy, full life, one that is not yet over but one that has become rife with experience, it is time to stop procrastinating and live the dream. I'm not old by any means, but I'm old enough, just the right age to be a novelist anyway. I am bound and determined to become a novelist too, don't you worry about that. I want to get the masterpiece out that I'm sure is lying dormant somewhere within me.
After all, I have prepared for this my whole life.
I always wanted to be an author, even as a little child, to write great books and novels, to explore my imagination and expand my mind, to contribute to academia, to make a difference in this world. I devoured books as a child; I couldn't read enough of them. It was a habit, early formed, that I never could seem to break. I went everywhere with a book in my hand, which used to tick off my husband when we had one bathroom, because I could get lost in the tub with a book for hours. I studied the masters, from Shakespeare to Fitzgerald, from Hemingway to Kerouac, and I lived a Bohemian lifestyle so I could suffer and learn to think outside the box, to find different avenues to walk down, but I didn't stop there, oh no.
I took correspondence courses and I tried those writing tests, the ones you see in magazines (and most of which are scams), to see if I had any skill. But what the hell, they were fun exercises anyway. I honed my craft, writing short stories and submitting them, getting turned down some and even getting published some. Then, recently, I really got down to business, feeling that the time had finally come to test my chops.
I started building my own writing domain, my writing Mecca. I found a wonderful Cherry wood desk, an antique, and broke it in. I created my own writing room and decorated it with aromatic candles, proper lighting, and an excellent stereo so I could pipe in mood music to develop just the right ambience, a relaxing haven where I could escape and write for hours.
I found a beautiful old Royal typewriter, the kind with the reel to reel ink spools that you flip so you can use both sides. I bought the clear Whiteout ribbon so I can blot out mistakes when I need to. I'm going to write the old-fashioned way, none of this newfangled PC, artsy, easy to use computer crap. I want to hear the clunky-clunk-clunk of the keys and I am not going to have my beautiful masterpiece accidentally erased by hitting the wrong key while playing Words with Friends.
No, this is to be my opus, and it will be completed properly.
I even bought the expensive 20 lb. paper, the bonded kind, so you can actually feel the weight and texture of the paper, so you can see the indent the keys make when you type the words.
Yes indeed. My writing temple is complete.
I'll be ready to start the book tomorrow.
Day 2
I did it, I started my book. It's all downhill from here. Getting started is the hardest part, always is. But there it sits, my beginning, on that heavenly 20 lb. cream-colored paper, pounded in with the heavy even keys of my Royal typewriter. It reads:
Chapter One
I am so proud! I think I will stop for the day; you have to pace yourself with these types of things.
Day 5
Hmmm... Chapter One, Chapter One, Chapter One... Seems to be a sticking point thus far. It's a strong opening, don't misunderstand me, diary. I know that Rome wasn't built in a day. So many great books start with Chapter One. I am simply honored to have such a great beginning, such a wonderful starting place to work from.
I typed 'The', and then I used the Whiteout to erase it. Then I typed 'A' and used the Whiteout again. That whiteout is already paying for itself. That's as far as I got today.
Day 23
I almost finished a whole sentence this morning but then I erased it. It just didn't feel right. I am, however, feeling extremely creative today. I'm certain to at least knock out a chapter, as soon as I decide what I should write the book about, perhaps after lunch. I am feeling a bit peckish. I think writers almost certainly write better on a full stomach. So I'll be back at it hard after a good meal.
Day 55
The words Chapter One are really starting to piss me off. Why the hell do I have to be relegated to chapters? What kind of conventional hell says you have to be confined to the constraints of conventional form and wisdom? They're stupid words, Chapter 1. Why couldn't I start with Chapter A or Chapter Alpha or Chapter Charlie or Chapter Who Gives a Rat's Ass What Number It IS? What Am I, A Mathematician? WHO needs numbers in books?
This is stupid. I am erasing it.
Day 71
After careful and stoic deliberation, I have put Chapter One back at the top center of the page. Who am I to reinvent the wheel? I shall buck up and march on.
DAY 153
I swear the words Chapter One are mocking me. They stare at me from the page like a pair of doll's eyes, black and dead. I must finish this book.
Day 153.The symbol for pi
Hit the tequila this morning after my writing session / ate the fricking worm too. LOL. I hate This fricking book. Im'a burn it.
Day 165
After pulling the charred remains of the 20 lb. paper from my trash bin and gluing all the keys back onto my Royal typewriter, I have finally made a decision. I'm going to take up knitting instead. It is probably for the best. No amount of wood glue in the world is going to repair that Cherry wood desk. The axe did a pretty good number on it.
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Korea's Other Unofficial Valentine's Day - Pepero Day

For the uninitiated, Pepero Day is an observance in South Korea similar to Valentine's Day. It's named after the Korean Snack Pepero and its observed on November 11, with the date "11/11" resembling sticks of Pepero.
A popular notion is that the company Lotte who produces pepero was the one who started this observance. But popular legend has attributed to a group of middle school girls in Busan gifting each other boxes of Pepero as a wish to grow tall and slim. These days other than gifts among couples, teachers, friends gift pepero as a sign of friendship and love.
Like all things cute and trendy, it has since exploded into a whole cottage industry. On other days,regular pepero only cost 800-100 won per box, on pepero day you will find special gift boxes, and Lotte has also caught on to the trend by selling specially printed boxes of pepero for this day. These days bakeries, chocolatiers and even department stores have been getting in on the occasion with gourmet pepero. Some include Italian dark chocolate wrapped pepero, exotic flavours like macadamia nuts and even a giant size pepero!
Another popular trend much like on valentine's day, there has been an upsurge in home made Pepero sticks and decorations to give that added "awww" i love you factor. Crafty blogs on pepero decoration and gift wrapping with detailed instructions on how to make or buy decorations along with ideas on how to specially gift wrap your deco pepero sticks
Not to be left out, a recent trend among older couples to celebrate this occasions is to wrap rolls of money in Pepero boxes as a practical gift. This has become popular among husbands who don't want to be seen carrying large gift baskets of Pepero as a way to humour their wives.
Pepero games as also been a part of popular Korean culture, with mock pepero sword fights, to wands to cast spells a la Harry potter. The most infamous use maybe the pepero kiss game, a popular staple on Korean variety shows where a couple will put each end of the pepero stick in their mouths and eat toward each other trying to stop just before their lips touch.
For whatever the reason, whether its giving pepero to say you are number one in my heart,to show appreciation to a colleague,friend or teacher it has become a part of popular Korean culture.
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Requiem For A Videography Business

Bob, the Best Man at the wedding I covered last weekend, looked into my camera and said, with tears in his eyes, "This is the most beautiful wedding I've ever seen. Such a sweet, sweet couple. I wish them the best and hope they stay together forever." I would have believed him too, if he wasn't wearing a cock-eyed jock strap on his head. Or if he hadn't taken a swing at the groom earlier in the reception, right after downing a half a fifth of Wild Turkey in one long gulp and then professing his eternal lust for his best friend's new bride.
What a wedding. After 20 plus years of covering weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, and other such time slaughtering celebrations for my small video business, I must say, this wedding, what I now call the Smith-Davis fiasco of 2013, was the most interesting catastrophe I ever covered. I've seen people die during receptions, usually due to heart attacks, but I choose to believe from boredom. I've seen wives run away at the altar, bridegrooms run away at the altar, even, once, a Pastor run away at the altar (apparently a mob affiliated parishioner had showed up to collect some overdue gambling debts, knowing where and when he could find the good Father), but this wedding reception took the cake. And threw it across the room during a food fight that would have made Jerry Springer blush. To say that these people had no class would infer that no class was as low as you could go. After last weekend, I am here to tell you, there is a lower classification. The clans of Mr. Smith and nee Ms. Davis belong to a status I now refer to as the 'Holy Crap, who rented those people formal wear' class.
Reviewing the video, there's no way I can make this look good. I think I might edit it in spoof fashion or in a style reminiscent of a bad horror film, as if Hitchcock filmed Attack of the Killer Tomatoes or Plan 9 From Outer Space instead of Psycho, perhaps. There's just not much you can do with this footage.
How can you make a ninety-year-old grandmother smoking a cigarette with a hole in her neck, who says "My granddaughter looks fat in that dress, he must have already knocked her up... " through a talking box look romantic?
I personally like the footage of the little Smith kid, all of 6 years old maybe, dropping his cup of punch (spiked probably) on the floor over and over again so he could look up the dresses of every woman in the hall. Nothin' spells luvin' like a youthful peeping tom, trying to get a glimpse of his kin's underwear. That kid has IRS agent as a profession written all over his future.
Here are a few gems from the edited footage I have assembled so far, and these are the high points:
The maids of (dis)honor sitting at their table, eating the catered food as though this was their first meal after being locked away in a year-long Weight Watcher's diet concentration camp. They would look pretty, too, in their beautiful matching calico (and neon) wedding attire, were it not for fleshy pieces of salmon and Jack Daniels spittle leaking from their jowls:
"This is some high-class weddin'," said Maid Number 1, 'they even have cloth napkins on the table folded into cute little hats."
"Hrmmphhglarg... " said Maid Number 2, as she gnawed, caveman style, on a whole rack of lamb.
"What is this orange stuff?" Maid Number 3 asked as she shoved a forkful of it into her mouth. "It tastes kind of funny."
"They called it salmon." Maid Number 1 replied, taking another long pull of her Jack and Coke.
"Whazzat?" Maid Number 3 asked again.
"Hrmmphhglarg... it's fish, stupid." Maid Number 2 managed between ravenous bites of meat.
Maid Number 3 then deposited all of the salmon, and everything else in her stomach, all over the table. "Ewwwwww... " she added, straightening her hair and wiping traces of her insides from her mouth, "I hate fish, no wonder it tastes funny."
The Bride's family, sitting quietly at their table:
Me: "Well, sir, what do you think of your daughter's magical day so far?"
Father: "It's frigging expensive, and getting more expensive by the bottle."
The Bride's father takes a puff of his cigarette and a long drink from his 32 OZ Budweiser tall boy. The Bride's Mother hides her eyes in her hands and stares down at the table, moaning. The Bride's teenaged Sister, clearly aggravated, punches her Father in the arm.
Sister: "Dad, hush now."
Father: "Shut up girl, you won't never fetch no man with them kind of manners. You ain't pretty or easy like your sister there."
Sister: "I swear, I HATE YOU."
Father: "Be quiet and eat that expensive scrapple on your plate. I'm paying for it whether you eat it or not, might as well not waste it."
Sister: "Oh gawdddd, it's pate you drunk old hick."
The Bride and Groom are taking their first dance as a newlywed couple to the loving sounds of "Your Mama Don't Dance And Your Daddy Don't Rock And Roll" By Loggins and Messina. The Best Man staggers up and takes a swing at the groom, knocking him down.
Best Man: "I love her more-n' you ever will."
The Bride hikes up her dress and kicks the Best Man squarely in the groin. The Best man folds up like a tri-fold menu from a cheap Chinese take-out restaurant and crumples to the floor. A 20 minute food fight ensues.
After the food fight, all is forgiven and the reception resumes. The camera CLOSES IN on the repaired cake. A sad, now lopsided three-tiered marble affair with splotches of white icing with floor debris stuck to it. The cake is so tilted now, it could take posture advice from the Leaning Tower of Pisa. The little Bridegroom and Bride figurines have been destroyed in the melee, but luckily, someone had some Star Wars toys in their car, so the figurines have been replaced by a little Darth Vader and a Princess Leia missing an arm. The new Husband cuts the cake with his hunting knife. The new Bride punches him in the arm because he has cut the cake without her, and then she shoves his face in the remains of the cake. Another lengthy food fight ensues.
Alas, I still have about another hour of footage to comb through, but I think I'm going to skip it. Aside from the fact that it will make me nauseous and that it will make me worry about the health of the human gene pool going forward, I don't think I can use any of it. The lens was covered in cake and salmon mousse by then. I think my camera might be ruined. I think, going forward, I might have to do background checks before I take anymore video gigs.
If you would like to read more articles like this or on a wide range of topics please visit: http://mimispeaks.blogspot.com/2013/04/a-writers-niche-and-her-chit-chat-over.html Miriam B. Medina loves to write and at length too. So I suggest you find yourself a comfortable chair, and while you are at it, grab a steaming hot cup of coffee and a bagel with cream cheese and you will be all set to settle down for a while. Happy reading.
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Fall Hors D'oeuvres Ideas

Autumn is a wonderful season full of a wide range of bright colors and robust flavors. No wonder so many people ultimately choose this captivating time of the year to hold their special events. The foliage and various flavors of the season can be quite awe-inspiring.
The Many Different Rich Autumn Flavors
Take advantage of the fresh produce that is available during the fall to plan your menu. You can start with hors d'oeuvres that complement the crisp autumn air, such as bleu cheese mousse with figs on warm crostini. Apples, which are abundant during fall, can be incorporated into a number of hors d'oeuvre recipes. Apples are quite versatile and can be used in both savory and sweet recipes.
For your next event, consider serving spiced cider or pumpkin-flavored eggnog as drinks to pair with your hors d'oeuvres. Complementing flavors add to the enjoyment of not only the food, but the overall experience as well.
Fresh fall fruits are another great option for a small plate you are serving your guests. Grapes, pears and a variety of berries are all bursting with flavor. Include a variety of different fruits to give your guests a diverse range of choices as well as to create a vivid color palette.
Soup and Nuts
As the temperature starts to drop, signaling the beginning of longer and colder nights, serving hot hors d'oeuvres will get you and your guests' blood flowing and provide a warm contrast to the cold outdoors. Consider miniature cups of butternut squash soup, or spicy corn and crab chowder as great starters.
The scent of freshly roasted chestnuts is one of the most popular aromas for autumn to winter. Toss in a handful of other nuts that are very plentiful throughout the year, such as pecans and walnuts, for a simple and flavorful hors d'oeuvre option.
Hors d'oeuvres set the theme and mood of a great party. Whether you are planning a simple get-together with close family and friends, or a large event with many members of your family, friend group and business acquaintances, start your gathering with a variety of elegant, light hors d'oeuvre that put your guests in good spirits. If your party or event falls during the autumn months, don't be afraid to use the colors and the flavors of the season to inspire your menu. Take your cue from Mother Nature and have a truly memorable, delicious and vivid event.
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