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Korea's Other Unofficial Valentine's Day - Pepero Day

For the uninitiated, Pepero Day is an observance in South Korea similar to Valentine's Day. It's named after the Korean Snack Pepero and its observed on November 11, with the date "11/11" resembling sticks of Pepero.
A popular notion is that the company Lotte who produces pepero was the one who started this observance. But popular legend has attributed to a group of middle school girls in Busan gifting each other boxes of Pepero as a wish to grow tall and slim. These days other than gifts among couples, teachers, friends gift pepero as a sign of friendship and love.
Like all things cute and trendy, it has since exploded into a whole cottage industry. On other days,regular pepero only cost 800-100 won per box, on pepero day you will find special gift boxes, and Lotte has also caught on to the trend by selling specially printed boxes of pepero for this day. These days bakeries, chocolatiers and even department stores have been getting in on the occasion with gourmet pepero. Some include Italian dark chocolate wrapped pepero, exotic flavours like macadamia nuts and even a giant size pepero!
Another popular trend much like on valentine's day, there has been an upsurge in home made Pepero sticks and decorations to give that added "awww" i love you factor. Crafty blogs on pepero decoration and gift wrapping with detailed instructions on how to make or buy decorations along with ideas on how to specially gift wrap your deco pepero sticks
Not to be left out, a recent trend among older couples to celebrate this occasions is to wrap rolls of money in Pepero boxes as a practical gift. This has become popular among husbands who don't want to be seen carrying large gift baskets of Pepero as a way to humour their wives.
Pepero games as also been a part of popular Korean culture, with mock pepero sword fights, to wands to cast spells a la Harry potter. The most infamous use maybe the pepero kiss game, a popular staple on Korean variety shows where a couple will put each end of the pepero stick in their mouths and eat toward each other trying to stop just before their lips touch.
For whatever the reason, whether its giving pepero to say you are number one in my heart,to show appreciation to a colleague,friend or teacher it has become a part of popular Korean culture.
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