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Safety Tips For Custom Rigging Systems

A lot of theatres out there today are expanding the types of performances that they put on. They want to be able to leave the audience in awe while they are watching a performance. Theatres want the audience to leave with a sense of fulfilment and know that they just saw a breath-taking show that was simply amazing.
One of the ways theatres grab the audience's attention is by implementing great special effects that just leave the audience in astonishment. One of the most effective special effects used in today's theatres is custom rigging systems.
Custom rigging systems are also known as fly systems. These custom rigging systems can be used for numerous purposes. For instance, it could be to move stuff around on stage easily. A custom rigging system could be used to move set pieces around, to position microphones properly or even give performers the ability to be suspended in air, which will absolutely amaze the audience, because they are witnessing a flying effect.
However, custom rigging systems have to be operated with care. Over the course of this article I am going to go over some safety tips that will enable you to operate a custom rigging system both easily and safely.
Make sure you don't hit anyone when transporting objects
Make sure that when you're moving objects around on the stage with a custom rigging system that no one would be hit if the object were to fall. Custom rigging systems can lift extremely heavy items that could potentially kill someone if they were to fall on them.
Wear gloves while operating the system
If you don't wear gloves while you are operating the system, you may get what's known as rope burn or rug burn. Therefore, you should wear gloves while operating the system to prevent this from happening.
Unlock the release lever
There should be a small oval bar that goes over the release lever. You will want to pull that bar off and unlock the release lever.
Pull on the release lever
Make sure that you pull the release lever toward you and do this while you are holding onto the ropes, so nothing starts to come down.
Grab the ropes
You will want to grab the ropes that are nearest to you and you will want to slowly pull those down in a slow and controlled manner. Keep an eye on ground clearance while doing this.
Keep it slow and easy
Keep a close eye on how close you are to the ground. Once you get really close to the ground, you will want to catch the weight as it comes down the shaft. That way, you don't damage the object or make a loud noise.
When you're ready to take out the object
Instead of grabbing the ropes closest to you, make sure you grab the ones that are farthest away and pull those down. Bring the ropes down slowly so you don't upset the weight balance.
Re-apply the safety cable
This is the last step, but it's the most important. If you don't do this, you could end up causing a catastrophe and the baton comes crashing to the ground. Therefore, make sure you re-lock the cable in position.
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