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Terranigma For Super Nintendo (SNES)

By the summer of 1995 a game named Earthbound had sailed its way into the hearts of many Americans. However, Earthbound never arrived in Britain or any other Country across the pond. Instead a game called Terranigma made a gentle splash to Europe, with most missing the opportunity to buy this classic gem. The mid 90's had numerous titles that have subsequently been missed by avid gamers. Although numerous treasures amongst these losses, Terrinigma has been sought after by all in the Super Nintendo community.
But why? First and foremost, like all great RPG's of this era, Terranigma was made by one half of the formidable gaming machine now known as SquareEnix. The importance of which is shown within the first few minutes of gameplay. You'll realise that not only will this game be complex (and refined to perfection), but the storyline is basic and yet resoundingly complex at the same time.
To explain the gameplay is difficult, unless you experience it first hand, which I've often felt is a positive in its intricacies. It has the standard RPG 'search and find' layout alongside a more involved storyline with decisions affecting outcomes and a fighting system reminiscent of Secret of Mana but with all the accuracies of Zelda. Wikipedias description is just as complex: 'action-based real-time battle system that allows the player to perform different techniques depending on whether the protagonist is running, jumping, attacking, or using a combination of these three actions.' Hence, unless you experience it, its hard to explain.
I'd like to go into the plot more-so and yet again a pleasant problem occurs. To explain the plot of Terranigma is to reveal the twists within the plot. So I'll keep it basic. You begin with a main protagonist who inadvertently opens pandoras box (or at least this is what I refer to it as), which leads to numerous revelations, misconceptions and adventures. It is a true classic in terms of gameplay, and even better yet... its a trilogy. Well... it's kind of a trilogy in the loosest terms.
Terranigma is preceded by two games with contrasting styles and gameplay, but overall fit accurately into the world described, these games are 'Soul Blazer' and 'Illusion of Gaia (Time in Europe).'
Terranigma to most is a special, complex, rarebreed of game that is often neglected. This is mostly due to the small numbers that are in circulation (and often command obscene prices). However, the mechanics, artwork and gameplay transcend what gameplay was during 1995, on Super Nintendo. Without this brilliant game in your collection, you will always be one gem short of perfection.
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