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The Production of Crystal Cup Trophies - Mistakes to Avoid

The production of crystal cup trophies can either be a breeze to accomplish or an exceedingly challenging task to finish-not to mention costly. To avoid over-spending on equipment that might turn out to be unnecessary, here are a few vital pointers.
You May Not Need Those Rotary Attachments
Some entrepreneurs eager to start producing high-profit crystal cup trophies fall under the spell of their laser engraving machine salesman. They often end up buying everything the salesman pitches to them, such as fancy accessories or rotary attachments. Don't get us wrong: rotary attachments have their uses; it's just that you may not use them frequently and they end up sitting on the storage shelf waiting for the next job. For instance, many laser engraving rotary attachments (in various shapes and sizes) are designed to help cut glass, but you may discover that even without it you can still beautifully execute your designs. Also, if it comes to a choice between these attachments and having more power, you should always choose the latter - even if you have to add to your costs.
Wrong Priorities
It is common for people who engage in the production of crystal cup trophies via the laser engraving route to let their purchase of machinery be dominated by the lowest prices. Laser engraving machines are not exactly inexpensive-the average cost runs between $15000 and $30000-hence it is understandable that small businessmen who only intend to run the business from their garage to approach their machine purchase predominantly from a price point. The regrettable result is that many end up buying a machine with insufficient power. They then discover that the first good order they receive requires more power. If the price difference between a less powerful laser engraving machine and a more powerful one is a thousand or a couple of thousand dollars, calculate the extra cost by spreading it over five years and you may feel better - always go for the more powerful one.
Spreading Yourself Too Thin
Even for a start-up laser engraving outfit there is still the danger of aspiring to produce more types of products than you can comfortably handle. This is so because of the prevailing yet misleading idea that more is better. Offering an extensive product line is, by itself, good-but only if you have the resources to fulfil and perfect each order. If you don't, you have a recipe for disaster-or at least, a bad customer experience.
Specialising in a strict, limited product line allows you to focus and perfect your product, which is an important merit in itself. Customers will seek you out because you make exceptionally great crystal cup trophies, for example. Specialisation also brings with it other benefits, such as enabling you to be time efficient; you are able to produce your high-quality items in shorter periods because your equipment and resources are already aligned for that exact purpose.
George Berdichevsky is the Founder of 3Design Center, which designs image files to be used in the production of crystal cup trophies. His team of talented artists can create bespoke images for 3D engraving from any idea or image. Visit the website for more information.
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