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Understanding the 3D Trophy Engraving Business

3D trophy production can be both easy and challenging in equal measure from an operational standpoint. But, like all other types of business, there are ways that can help things not only easier to accomplish, but also much more profitable. Here are few of the vital considerations.
Machine Specs
Those shopping around for the right laser engraving machine for 3D trophy production are often confounded with a lot of new information. What wattage and bed size should be considered, for instance? The 'rightness' of the machine depends on how much you can afford to spend (your budget), what market you are targeting, and how important variety is for you. Of course, among the foremost factors are power (the more powerful the laser, the faster you are able to cut, the more products you produce in a set time); table size (the larger, the more product options you have); and vector table options. A feature such as air assistance is also important, as it adds to your machine's efficiency no matter what product you make.
Distributor Availability
When you're still in the stage of looking for the 'right' laser engraving machine with which to produce a 3D trophy, it helps to find out about the existing distributor support. There are many brands and types of these machines available, most of which are sold by their respective loyal distributors. Now, such distributors are more than just a shop that sells products; most distributors consider the machine they sell as part of their identity, so they go to great lengths to provide customer support. There are distributors, however, that are only out to make a buck-they sell you the stuff as a mere middle man, then leave you to the hands of the main distributor whose main office, more often than not, may be located thousands of miles away. The best thing to do is call up the main office and ask questions, then wait and see how long their customer tech support takes to call you back. The worst-case scenario you must avoid is not making money because your machine is down and there is nobody to fix it. Frame your questions around these concerns.
Create Product Lines Based on Local Availability
When it comes to the production of a 3D trophy, answering the question of how many types of products you can make can be a loaded one. Of course, if the sky is the limit there are a thousand and one products you can make. But the best guide should be the local availability of substrates-find out what substrates are available in your locality before you decide to focus on a certain product line. For example, if there is an inexpensive type of wood you can source from a local lumberyard, which you can then turn into a major product to be sold nationwide, by all means do so. The same goes with crystal, glass or metal-the common denominator is, as always, local availability. The reason for this is sheer economics. With local sources, you can get substrates at a very cheap price then sell the finished product at up to a 3000-per-cent mark-up.
George Berdichevsky is the Founder of 3Design Center, which designs image files to be used in engraving machines for 3D trophy designs. His team of talented artists can create bespoke images for a 3D trophy from any idea or image. Visit the website for more information.
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